Our Process

Below is a breakdown of our  process. You will be able to see how the Design, Build, Live process takes shape.


Initial Visit

There is nothing more exciting tha sitting down for the first time to discuss a budget, lots and reality of buidling your dream home. Marquee Homes staff is well versed in there industry and has answers and directions to the next steps to make the preparation to signing a contract with Marquee Homes easy and simple. Come with your questions, information if you have already purchased a lot or if a lot needs to be purchased, if you need assistance selling your current home and if you already have a house plan in mind if not, let us show you some of ours. A great place to start prior to coming in for your visit is to look at our current GALLERY for ideas and options for your next home.

Sign Contract

A contract designed specifically for your home with pricing, scope of work, subs we recommend and a booklet will be given to start us on collaborating on your home.


Once the contract is signed, the fun begins! We work together to red line the house plans and make the necessary changes to customize the house plan to your specifications are made and shared with the sub-contractors through the build. You are given a guide on recommendations for carpet, brick, shingles and so much more. Our staff is eager to help and answer any questions you may have.


During the build process we will work on getting permits, bids, scheduling our sub contractors and working out a timeline for a timely build. Please be aware due to COVID and material shortages, there are delays and we will do our best to start on designated timelines on time, but there are things that are out of our control. Marquee Homes does their best to communicate this in a timely manner so home owner and builder is on the same page. Clients are given timelines to let them know when their finishes for their home has to be received to ensure you know how long you have before your custom list of fineshes need to be returned and discussed.


After installation and inspections are complete, your project manager will walk you through your 

home and make a punch list. This punch list documents all of the work that has yet to be completed outside of the initial scope of work. Your final payment including all change orders are due at time of completion. Once papers are signed and occupancy has been given, keys are given to you.



The best part of any build is when we get to give the keys to any custom home to the new home owners. The excitement, joy and creativity is palpable and we feel the energy as well. Your home owners warranty will be given with your paperword during the build along with advice for a new home builder.